10 amazing things you did in the 90s that no longer exist

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It seems as though modern popular culture is more nostalgic than ever. From constant reboots of TV shows, a fashion re-generation and even throwback-style music, it seems as though we’re living in the midst of 90s culture for the second time – just with mobiles and the internet.

Many aspects of the 90’s have come back into fashion recently, but there are a few things we enjoyed back then, that we weirdly long for even now. amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

But it is my genuine belief that the best of our human society reached its peak in the year 2000 – modern enough that we weren’t really missing out on too much when it came to technology (mobiles and the internet were in their infancy, but still readily available) but without the cynical climate of fear that seems to permeate in the modern world.

Here are 10 amazing things that we could all do in the 90s that no longer exist:

1. Go to Littlewoods and build your own breakfast

Oh, to be back in Littlewoods to build one of those big fat breakfasts. You could even make a breakfast with up to 7 or 8 different foods…oh what a time to be alive!

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