10 amazing things you did in the 90s that no longer exist

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2. Go on MSN messenger and chat with our friends

Coming in just before the turn of the century was MSN messenger. As soon as you got back from school, you’d sign in to see who was online, and in many cases, the last question you would get asked at the end of the school day would be: “Will you be on MSN tonight?”

It started off as just a way of making competition against the AOL messenger service, but when AOL went belly-up in the early 2000s, MSN became the firm-favourite messenger for an entire generation. It started off as a fairly simple format, but then it developed with nudges, winks, emoticons and all sorts of nonsense like that. After a while, you could even play bowling and tic tac toe against your friends.

After 15 years, the service was shut down, but by this point, everybody had already moved onto other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

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