13 Amazing Things To Do With Wine Bottles In The Garden

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Even if you’re not a big drinker, wine bottles can stack up fast. You can certainly recycle them, but they’re such a great shape and heft that it almost seems a pity to just get rid of them with the week’s recycling. So why not try adding something a little bit different to your garden it will not only make it beautiful but will make it stand out from the crowd.

Creative recyclers have converted old bottles into different household objects and works of art. Some craftspeople slice the bottle’s neck into rings that become the components of wind chimes and mobiles. Check out this article from homemadehomeideas.com by clicking the link below and see 13 amazing things you can do with those left over wine bottles… amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

1. Votive Lanterns

Add some atmosphere to your dining table or garden with our range of votives and lanterns.

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