15 Incredible Things About Japan Proves That They Live In 3018

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When it comes to technology, innovation, and service, Japan without a doubt has provided a great example for the rest of the world to follow. The country always has something unique that is bound to catch the world’s attention, from hotels with robot staffs to parking lots for umbrellas. These are the simple innovations unique to that country and make people say, hey I want to visit that country.

We have collected some interesting facts about this tiny island country that we can’t seem to get enough of. amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

1. Rice paddy art is quite amazing

Japan has created a quite stir on the internet with its overly developed nation and perfectly advanced infrastructure has made the competitors fall and learn from their ethics and organization. Well, rice paddy art has been created by planting rice with a famous image and it is quite popular in Japan.

2. A mini McDonald’s

amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

Well, you might have known MacDonald food and had been going over there over years but you already have traveled a lot to eat your favorite food. Looks like this has been giving a chance to keep your favorite one nearby, with a mini restaurant.

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