17 amazing and important things about sharks and rays that scientists discovered in 2017

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3. Tiger sharks eat penguins and porcupines.

Tiger sharks have a well-deserved reputation as being the “trash cans of the sea,” and have been found with all kinds of bonkers stuff inside their stomachs. This year, Dicken and friends published the results of a stomach content analysis study of tiger sharks in South Africa. Tiger sharks in South Africa apparently eat dolphins, small antelope, penguins, and porcupines. They also found garbage including junk food wrappers, cigarettes, and condoms in there.

From Dicken and Friends 2017. a) Philantomba monticola (blue duiker) (240 cm female). (b) Sousa plumbea (humpback dolphin) and unidentified seabird (195 cm female). (c) Spheniscus demersus (African penguin), skate egg case, unidentified shark, Megaptera novaeangliae (humpback whale) (194 cm female). (d) Morus capensis (Cape gannet) and unidentified porcupine fish (232 cm male).

4. Healthy shark populations can be incredibly valuable for local economies by attracting SCUBA divers.

While this phenomenon isn’t a new discovery, Haas and friends did an amazing job of thoroughly documenting the benefits of shark wildlife tourism to the economy of the Bahamas. Their conclusions: while shark wildlife tourism is worth an astounding $100 million a year to the Bahamas, many of the economic benefits go to foreign live-aboard vessels who don’t directly help the local economy. amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

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