20 Amazing Things About Japan That Every Country Should Try To Mimic

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Have you ever visited Japan?

For those of us who live in the United States, the answer is probably no. International travel can get expensive pretty quickly and let’s face it: Japan is about as far away as we’re likely to go! Regardless, the country is definitely worth visiting: for its many incredible cities, its natural beauty and its rich cultural history. Anyone considering a visit may even be overwhelmed by all the potential sights and sounds to take in. At the very least, it might help potential visitors to have a basic understanding of the country before they go there. amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

With that in mind, here are 20 glimpses into the amazing culture of Japan.

1. Of all the world’s major cities, Tokyo is the safest.

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According to an international ranking developed by the Economic Intelligence Unit, Japan’s capital city of Tokyo is the safest there is. The rankings are released according to a number of different indexes, including healthcare, infrastructure and personal wellbeing.

2. People in Japan tend to live longer than Americans—and a whopping 26.7% of the country is composed of senior citizens.

As a result of better pension benefits (and perhaps a healthier diet?), Japan’s elderly population is much higher than that of the United States. If you’re into longevity, you might want to move!

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