6 AMAZING Things to Know About Newborns

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Babies are the most adorable, cute and beautiful humans in the world. Just by seeing a baby, a smile can come on your face. But older babies are still able to give reactions to you and whatever you do. Newborns, however, are not able to react and most of the times their eyes are closed. Yet, you can sometimes see that cute little smile on their face. These newborn babies are the ones we would like to tell you a bit more about. Mentioned below are 6 such things about newborns you might or might not have known. amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

1. Babies cry because that’s how they communicate

Nobody learns how to speak inside the womb itself. It takes some time for babies to get control over their vocal chords and be able to speak words. So, in order to get your attention and communicate with you, the only way left for them is to start crying. Next time your little one cries don’t just try to make them quiet. But instead, understand what’s troubling them.

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