7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Loving Yourself More

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2. You set boundaries regarding dating and love.

You will become more assertive once you start setting standards and boundaries when it comes to relationships. Once you begin loving yourself, you care for yourself and truly want yourself to be happy; this means only allowing actions and behaviors that are for your higher good. This allows you to have more purpose in dating than before. Give yourself time in discovering who you are and what kind of partner you are looking for. Set boundaries in terms of what supports you and is healthy for you, and what does not support you, and stick to them. Beginning with self love is the only sure way to attract a partner who also loves you.

3. You stop feeling like you need anyone’s approval.

Self love is unconditional acceptance of all aspects of one’s self. Once we truly accept that we are good enough just the way we are, we no longer need anyone else’s approval to tell us that. When we stop choosing our behaviors based on the expectations of others, we are able to start doing the things that we really want. The result is a greater happiness, and a peace that comes from not stressing about things we cannot control; namely the expectations of another. Being kind is good and to be admired, but there’s a difference between choosing actions out of the fear of not pleasing another, and of a genuine giving of love from the heart.

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