7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Loving Yourself More

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4. You start making conscious decisions that you believe in.

Self love helps us to make big decisions; whether to change your draining job to a career that motivates your heart, or to move to a different city, state, or even country where you feel like life is an adventure and you wake up every day feeling truly alive. Weighing the pros and cons becomes easier as we can more clearly identify and support what we truly want. When we love ourselves, we are given the courage we need to let go of things and paths that do not serve us, and to move on to that which empowers us and brings us into a life of love.

5. You love your alone time.

You will stop running away from your thoughts and emotions, and instead, accept and love your ‘self’ within them. New alone time activities such as Yoga, swimming, going to the gym, reading, taking a bath or watching movies all become very enjoyable as they naturally make you feel good, and you stop feeling afraid to be alone. When you love the one you’re alone with, it’s easy to enjoy being alone. 

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